Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Deck

My honey and his dad have been working really hard on a new deck for us. It will be right outside our backdoor. While I cannot wait for it to be finished, it is very hard to deal with the mess that is there now!

This is the way we take the dogs outside, get to the garage (not that it has any vehicles in it), get to the back yard, find the kids bikes, get to the freezer (which IS in the garage)..... So, that part has been interesting but they have quite a bit finished now, and the kids and I are already loving it.

Oh, yeah, the baby gate is for keeping all the animals in while the back door is off for fixing it and the deck.

Now I just need to get to some yard sales or thrift stores to find some furniture. I think Abbe thinks we are going to go straight out and buy something new. I have been saying we are going to be sitting on the rocks Jason found under the old concrete back porch for a while. I may be joking about the rocks but not about taking my time to find something I really like and something that is NOT new! Think "Flea Market Style." ...Maybe craigs list??

sofa and pillows vignette

(above from

I just finished painting the area where they had to replace the wooden siding (the apartment part of our house and the garage are wooden - the rest is vinyl siding). Now I have to decide if I like that color?? It is different from what I painted it the last time. It doesn't have to be "matchy-matchy" just go with it. You know?

Now, Andrea, you ask, why would you put in the deck before finishing the painting first?

1.) Husband was building the shed and someone has to watch the kids.
2.) It has been raining just about every other day here. NO LIE!
3.) Father-in-law is in here from TN to help Jason now.
4.) What color?????
5.) Knew they would have to replace some of the siding.

Sigh.... Just makes me tired thinking of what all is still to get finished!

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