Thursday, March 20, 2014



I have been lost.

So sorry leaving for almost a year without a note.

I have been lost in the depths of depression. Depression is a nasty situation. This winter has definitely NOT helped in the least. Yet, it really started to get worse last spring and continued through the summer with is not normal. Usually the warm spring and summer sunshine will help pull me out of my winter funk that I fall in to almost always. But not last year. And of course this winter in Ohio has been one of the worst EVER. Snow. FEET of snow. Cold temperatures that I have not seen since that terrible winter in college (and had a 7:45 am class across campus UGH).

Finally, we are seeing whisperings of spring around here. A few green blades of grass. Robins. Lovely spring robins. And my spring bulbs are poking up. I think they are testing to see if spring really is about ready to spring.

Also, Ruth will be going to a brick and mortar school next year. I have really loved having my big girl at home these last three years. We have grown closer and I feel like I really know who she is. She has also blossomed into a great young lady which has been wonderful to experience first hand. But it is time.

So, I am hoping to get loads of items that have been on my to do list, accomplished. And I am hoping to be able to share them with you.

Here is to the promise of spring.


Thursday, April 25, 2013

More of what we have been up to...

Here are some more pictures. It is funny to look at the pictures. In one set, everyone is wearing coats and then barefoot and the coats and then shorts.... That is how it has been here this spring.

Easter egg hunt at the local plant nursery. And as you can tell by the winter coats, it was freezing cold.

Made our Easter bunny cake. I put Abbe in charge of the decorating and she did an excellent job. Wesley LOVED it! He made my day! "Aunt Anera, (that's how he says my name - just like his dad did) you made a bunny cake!!!" he said with a great big smile.

Eian's buddy moved to Florida. :(
I think Eian is still a little lot lost without him. He was in Eian's class at school AND lived right down the street. We all miss him.

Abbe had another friend over.

Ummm....wait doesn't she he look familiar? Let's just say Abbe talked him into it. He makes a cute little girl though doesn't he? ;)

Eian is now playing soccer. This is the only picture I have right now. It has been FREEZING cold every game. When it warms up, I will get some better pictures.

We went on the spring salamander hunt.

4-H is starting.

We now have chicks. I will have do a separate post on that whole ..... thing.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What have we been up to lately?

Sorry it has been so very long. The winter blahs really got a hold of me! School has been intense with many special projects and portfolios due. People have been many kinds of sick around here too.

Ready for spring!

So, what have we been up to?


Abbe had a birthday.

Abbe played basketball. (It was crazy hair day.)

Made a spring wreath (from Pinterest) hoping that it would make spring come. Huh. Did not happen!

Abbe had a friend over. As you can see, she fits right in. Sometimes, people ask if she and Abbe are sisters.

Blogger quit letting me put pictures on. :/
Just going to post this. So, another post should be coming soon.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Everyone sick....

Just spent all morning taking Abbe to the doctor, stopping at store to get essentials (more tissues, gatorade, juice, etc), and the pharmacy. Jason is going to the doctor this afternoon and Ruth is asleep on the couch. Nice, huh?

Eian and I have so far just had a touch of this nastiness, and hopefully THAT WILL BE ALL.

Have not been able to go anywhere to celebrate Abbe's birthday because everyone has been sick. She hasn't been feeling well for almost two weeks sooooo...

Here are some pictures from COSI. We went a couple of weeks ago. Last day to see the LEGO exhibit. Just a suggestion, DO NOT go on the last day to see the LEGO exhibit. Was so very crowded. Also, Eian's friend and neighbor stopped by as we were getting ready to go, so he went too. Four kids and me. Good thing Eian's friend is such a good boy! 'Cause Ruth was wound up. Sigh. Makes for a longer than usual day. Thank goodness this was the second time we had went. Here are photos from the first time.

Abbe in her cool new fedora

Eian and his buddy

Ruth's favorite part - dressing up in knight/horse costume and jousting

LEGO bricks made to look like stained glass.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Gooey, Delicious Cinnamon Rolls

I accidentally deleted a bunch of the pictures from my cinnamon roll recipe post. It is now fixed.

Here it is:

Yummy Gooey Cinnamon Rolls

God works in funny and mysterious ways!

God definitely works in funny and mysterious ways.

I have been saying that I am going to sell my one of a kind, handmade handbags for YEARS. Years, people, years. But life, motherhood, procrastination and now homeschooling have always gotten in the way.

Well, I love to knit and felt what I have knitted. So, had around 15 or so bags ready to be finished. As in they needed lined and handled and finishing touches. I really kept thinking, "I need to get those finished and put on Etsy." But.....

Anyway, so this November, I am looking through my email when I start laughing out loud. Jason looks at me?????? I had an email from Rhoads owner, Carly. Our mutual friend, Brooke, told her that I made some great handbags and they were having a craft fair and would I want to come and an application was attached.

I guess God was tired of me saying that I was going to finish the handbags and start selling them. So, HE SENDS ME AN APPLICATION! Made me laugh out loud.

I know that it sounds kind of crazy. But I have been hearing God tell me that this is what I am supposed to be doing for years. Why handbags? I don't know. I love making them and sharing them and making people happy. (Have been giving them as gifts for years.) Also, this is another way that I can tithe and share God's word with people.

God also sent my friend Linda to help me. If it wasn't for Linda, I would never have been ready. She helped me make tags for the purses, came up with all the ideas for display, kept pulling bags out of my bag of bags, and most of all provided emotional and motivational support.

Also, a big thank you goes out to my wonderful husband and my parents for watching the kids so that I could get all of this accomplished in two and a half weeks.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

21 Ways to Deal with a Bully

This list was compiled by my Ruth for one of her classes. She had twice as many as everyone else. Probably because she was bullied and her counselor worked with her A LOT about it. I am just glad to see how much it sank in! Ruth has also been helping Eian deal with a boy in his class who seems to have an issue with Eian. Sigh. It never ends. (#1 is about the Golden Rule.)

Ruth’s Anti-bully List

1.      Try to be nice to people!

2.      Tell a teacher if you or friends are being threatened.

3.      Don’t give a bully what it wants! Money or just a reaction!

4.      Try to stay away from the bully.

5.      Stay in a group with lots of friends! It’s hard to pick on a group!

6.      NEVER FIGHT THE BULLY!!!!!!!

7.      If they are insulting you, laugh or say, “That’s right, and I’m proud of it!”

8.      If people are excluding you, just sit next to them and don’t do anything.

9.      Try to do things you like! Don’t let them ruin your day!

10.   Write a letter saying all the things you want to say to them and throw it out, or make a paper doll and rip it up.

11.  Talk to friends, parents or the school counselor.

12.  Tell the bully they are being mean. Sometimes they don’t mean it!

13.  If it’s not at school, like if a kid throws rocks at you when you skateboard by their house, stay away from the area!

14.  If it’s a “on –off bully”, a bully who is mean some days and nice others, try to find out the pattern and avoid them on the “on” days.

15.  If it’s a cyber bully, block them from your contact list, or don’t read email from them.

16.  Send any threats online to your internet provider. They can help stop it.

17.  Don’t listen to an older sibling who tells you to fight.

18.  If you see someone being a jerk to another kid stand up for them!

19.  “Ignore the bully” that is what most people say. Don’t! They will just keep at it!

20.  If you think YOU are being a bully, stop! Being nice is golden!

21.  Treat people how you want to be treated!