Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Friday

My Friday started out bad. Woke up and my right knee was HURTING! Turning 40 has not been easy. It's like my body has decided to break down. I don't even know how I hurt it :(

So, put ice on it before taking kids to VBS, came home and put ice on it again. While watching the Tour de France of course. Picked up kids, took them to local restaurant (totally a bribe to Ruth for going into VBS with no complaining), came home and put ice on it again. Miracle of miracles, woke up this morning and it is feeling better!

Hushovd Captures Stage 13 of Tour de France(photo from: )

When we came home from VBS, Abbe and Eian decided to paint with water colors. No problem, right? Huh. Abbe starts breaking down that she never gets to finger paint. I am icing my knee but I think "well, ok they are doing well with the water colors just let them do it."


Finger paint ALL OVER THE PLACE! Sink, floor, chairs, wall, doors, floor in laundry room, floor in room with recycling (where they put the newspaper when 'cleaning up'), and on and on.....

Me = lost temper.

I really HATE yelling. Really.

Are my children the only ones who can't take no for an answer. Am starting to wonder, are my kids spoiled? Am I letting them get away with too much? It is so hard to be consistent, loving, and yet firm.

Anyway..... on to something better. And things did get better.

They went swimming and I relaxed. My honey was at the firehouse so we just had pizza pockets and bagel bites for dinner.

This is my 'spot' when they are swimming. The cell phone is for telling time - my watch battery died. I keep remembering to take it and get a new one once I have already left the house.

The tomatoes are doing terrible which is not making me happy.  These are the best ones. Was planning on them for pizza sauce, pasta sauce and just some canned tomatoes. Guess we really DO need to get our soil tested. But the cucumbers are doing really well!

Like I said before, Riley is my dorky dog. :) But she makes me smile.

Blacky loves being out of his cage and in the yard cage. But we can't leave him out there - I have seen hawks. Also, had an owl take a bird right off my bird feeder.

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