Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Kids have been at VBS in the mornings this week. Nice to have a break!

Jason and I used the time this morning to go to Scioto Valley Coffee House, get a coffee, watch the Tour, and talk. Was a nice quiet morning.

Came home and started working, working, working.

This kids and I were scraping the wood siding on the house. (No, no lead paint) Still NO WHERE near finished. We also were sanding the words off the boards of the new deck so I can seal it. (See the steps for my lovely new deck in the background!)

Jason taught Ruth how to use the lawn mower. The only reason I felt OK about this is that our mower shuts off if you let go of it. You would really have to work hard to hurt yourself.

Jason enjoyed it.

Tomorrow - more of the same!

(This is what dork dog Riley did the whole time we were scraping - stand there and watch us and pant. Instead of laying down in the shade like smart dog Smokey, pictured above, did.) (Can't leave them in the house by themselves - they get into trouble.)

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