Tuesday, December 27, 2011

We had a great day.

We had such a good day that Ruth said, "I don't want to go to bed because I don't want Christmas to end."

Christmas Eve the kids and I went to my mom and dad's. My sister was there too. We took baked ravioli for dinner with homemade cookies for dessert.

We listened to The Worst Best Christmas Pageant Ever in the truck. The kids and I were cracking up. Yet, this story has an awesome message too.

The kids left milk, eggnog, cookies, a letter, a picture, gifts, and reindeer food for Santa.

Jason didn't get home from the firehouse til 9am on Christmas morning. I was prepared. Had the kids open a new movie, Muppets Treasure Island. Muppets, pirates, what's not to love? They had never watched it before so it really held their attention.

My homemade pecan rolls and coffee for breakfast. YUM.

Jason spent most of the day helping Abbe and Eian put their LEGO sets together. He said he is having a serious talk with Santa about the LEGO sets before next year. I think both of them had SIX bags of Legos!

All of the sudden it was 3:42 pm! And I wasn't even dressed. (Thank goodness I was just supposed to bring rolls and cookies because they were already made.)

Somehow we made it to my brother's house by 5 pm for dinner. Really had a nice relaxing time there too. It was so nice to sit and talk with everyone.

My kids really had a blast playing with their cousins.

We finished the story on CD on the way down and back to my brother's house.

It was another late night with the kids not getting to be til 10pm.....again. But this was probably one of the best and most relaxing Christmases I can remember having in a long while. I agreed with Ruth, I didn't want the day to end either.


As soon as Jason walked in the door on Christmas morning, I knew something bad had happened that night. After so many years as a Firefighter wife, I can tell immediately when he walks through the door, and I know to let him tell me when he is ready. I just pray for him and whatever happened, and wait. A little bit later he tells me they had a fire in which three people died - one of which was a child. Then, he hugs all the kids, tells them in basic terms what happened, and that he may be a little withdrawn today. His job truly makes you appreciate all that God has blessed us with: three great kids, a wonderful family, supportive friends, a safe home, and a vocation he truly loves.

Please pray for this family who lost so much. And pray for the Firefighters who were there that night.

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