Friday, December 16, 2011

Wittich's Candy Shop

What could possibly be so exciting about a plain white paper bag?

Why, what's inside, of course! And guess what is inside this one? Lots of yummy goodness.....well, a lot of it is missing already!

Yesterday, Eian and I went to Wittich's Candy Shop after I took him to the doctor (no antibiotic; she just said for him to use his inhaler regularly this weekend). I had been promising Abbe I would stop and get some of her favorite Christmas Candy.

Wittich's: "The nation's oldest family owned and operated confectionary is located in Circleville, Ohio. True to tradition Wittich's still makes their sweets fresh in-store, and will happily serve you a refreshing treat from the 1930's soda fountain." Taken from their website. The ladies were all in the back making chocolates yesterday. It is a cute and friendly little shop.

I really should go there more often. They have all sorts of good things. Including candy making supplies. Last winter I bought some sucker sticks there for putting homemade marshmellows on - which I never did get made. Sigh. Will try this year.

Anyway... back to the sugary goodness.

Eian and I picked out one special chocolate for everyone in our family. Eian - chocolate covered cherry, Ruth - peppermint patty, Jason and Abbe - buckeyes, and for me - a turtle (and not just 'cause turtles are my favorite animals!). YUM! Nothing like chocolate, caramel and pecans!

Mine didn't even make it into the car before it was in my belly! Bag = empty:

Jason is the only one who has any candy will power. His buckeye is the only one left.

They had Christmas Jelly Bellys. Can't show you a picture because the kids ate all of them last night.

Dark chocolate covered expresso beans for Jason and I.

And, drum roll please, the most important reason we went there.

Yes, these look like ordinary peppermint sticks, don't they?

Well, look inside. See that ribbon of brown. CHOCOLATE! Yes, my dear Watson, they put the chocolate right inside the peppermint. How awesome is that? The white ribbon inside is like a creamy peppermint goodness.

Last year, I only bought one box. Gone in a flash. I think I MAY have had one piece. This year I bought two boxes and I am going to hide them!

They only have these at Christmas. And they run out. Because I went back last year to get more and they were all out. :-(

What kind of special candy do you get or make around Christmas?

My mother-in-law, Nana, makes potato candy. This is Jason's favorite. I haven't even asked for the recipe. Know I can't compete! ;-) Hint. Hint.

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Nana/Cathy said...

I was just thinking about... Potato Candy ..Christmas must.. Yesterday... Need to get it made.. Coated pretzels.. Must get busy... Don't you feel bad as tears roll down my cheeks... Turtles... Now!! who feels guilty... Haven't been there in years... Not sure about the peppermints... Buckeye's Jason and Abigail make good ones.. don't think Wittich's would do.. Need the whole batch to compare...Don't ship Fedex they can't find us.. I guess we will have to sample in June... Fresh ones that is... Enjoy... trying our share... I can't get a oil change and walk for candy....