Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pumpkin Show Pictures!

Yes. Yes.

I know.

Pumpkin Show in January???

Well, these are more of the pictures that I found the other day and they were just too good not to share.

I love autumn. It is my favorite season.

I love the fresh apples and pumpkins. The way the air is crisp. The way the leaves crunch under your feet. The way the trees turn all different colors. Every day, the hills are gradually turning different colors.

Sigh. But now it is winter.

My bird feeder is what changes every day now. ;-)


Here is Ruth's ribbon she won with her pumpkin dragon. She was so proud. As soon as she brought it home, she found a prime spot in the living room to display it.

The famed pumpkin tower. We have pictures of this from when I was a kid. There are some really old pictures in town of this same tower!

The largest pumpkins. People around here take their giant pumpkins VERY seriously.

Some of the many, many different kinds of gourds and pumpkins that are on display. Eian like the ones that are crossed like swords in the background.

Of course, the kids make every picture better. I love my kids.

Today was a very hard homeschooling day. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better!

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