Saturday, November 10, 2012

Art at Our House

Ruth and Abbe have a pretty excellent art course as part of their online school. They are learning art history and method in addition to actually doing art.

Their public school used to have an AWESOME art teacher that the school let go due to budget reasons. Now, they (well, just Eian from here) have an OK teacher. But the school has changed art teachers quite a few times in the past few years because they never knew if they would have the money to keep the teacher. So, I have lost track of which one he has now! How sad is that? I do know that she doesn't seem to give them anything that stretches them artistically. Maybe the school doesn't have the money for the art supplies???

Two of Ruth's:

Four of Abbe's - the last one she painted while it was taped to the bottom of the table, like Michelangelo did the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel:

Art wall at my house - clown and owl are Eian's:

HRH Princess Sarafina looking condescendingly at me photographing the art.

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