Saturday, November 3, 2012


This was probably the easiest year for me costume - wise. We had a pirate AKA Jack Sparrow, Taylor Swift, and a lion.

These were taken after they came back from Trick or Treat. So, Eian is missing his headscarf and Abbe is missing her whiskers and Ruth her bright red lipstick courtesy of Abbe the make-up lady.

The pirate costume is one of Eian's 18th century outfits. Made by Nana. ;)

Ruth as Taylor Swift just required a swishy skirt which she can wear to church. And, a borrowed cowboy hat from Dad.

Abbe, of course, had to have something that I had to sew. I bought white leggings and sweater. Dyed them yellow using fabric dye. Basted the fake fur on the hood (to be taken off) and sewed ears onto that. Did not use a pattern, just kind of 'winged' it. Comes from many years of sewing costumes on demand. Sewed a tail and basted it onto the leggings (to be taken off also). One reusable lion costume!

'Taylor Swift' in action!

* All pictures taken by Jason. I was handing out candy to the few brave souls that came that night. Usually, we have TONS of kids but it was cold and misting. :(


Nana said...

Cute.... Like the quick and easy.... Looks like perhaps... Nana needs to get sewing.... Arms a bit short.... If I start now might have things finished by next year... Abigail looks cuddly and Ruth rockin... I'm hiding my treasures from that Good job done by all..

Andrea said...

Yes Eian is going to need more 18th century clothing. He is really growing.

NANA said...

Sizes needed... For ALL...