Wednesday, December 19, 2012

21 Ways to Deal with a Bully

This list was compiled by my Ruth for one of her classes. She had twice as many as everyone else. Probably because she was bullied and her counselor worked with her A LOT about it. I am just glad to see how much it sank in! Ruth has also been helping Eian deal with a boy in his class who seems to have an issue with Eian. Sigh. It never ends. (#1 is about the Golden Rule.)

Ruth’s Anti-bully List

1.      Try to be nice to people!

2.      Tell a teacher if you or friends are being threatened.

3.      Don’t give a bully what it wants! Money or just a reaction!

4.      Try to stay away from the bully.

5.      Stay in a group with lots of friends! It’s hard to pick on a group!

6.      NEVER FIGHT THE BULLY!!!!!!!

7.      If they are insulting you, laugh or say, “That’s right, and I’m proud of it!”

8.      If people are excluding you, just sit next to them and don’t do anything.

9.      Try to do things you like! Don’t let them ruin your day!

10.   Write a letter saying all the things you want to say to them and throw it out, or make a paper doll and rip it up.

11.  Talk to friends, parents or the school counselor.

12.  Tell the bully they are being mean. Sometimes they don’t mean it!

13.  If it’s not at school, like if a kid throws rocks at you when you skateboard by their house, stay away from the area!

14.  If it’s a “on –off bully”, a bully who is mean some days and nice others, try to find out the pattern and avoid them on the “on” days.

15.  If it’s a cyber bully, block them from your contact list, or don’t read email from them.

16.  Send any threats online to your internet provider. They can help stop it.

17.  Don’t listen to an older sibling who tells you to fight.

18.  If you see someone being a jerk to another kid stand up for them!

19.  “Ignore the bully” that is what most people say. Don’t! They will just keep at it!

20.  If you think YOU are being a bully, stop! Being nice is golden!

21.  Treat people how you want to be treated!


NANA said...

I love it.... Good ideas... Girl you have been busy... Keep up th good work... Hugs and LOve NANA...

Grandma said...

Wonderful, Ruth! Such great and mature advice. Proud of you! Love, Grandma