Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Everyone sick....

Just spent all morning taking Abbe to the doctor, stopping at store to get essentials (more tissues, gatorade, juice, etc), and the pharmacy. Jason is going to the doctor this afternoon and Ruth is asleep on the couch. Nice, huh?

Eian and I have so far just had a touch of this nastiness, and hopefully THAT WILL BE ALL.

Have not been able to go anywhere to celebrate Abbe's birthday because everyone has been sick. She hasn't been feeling well for almost two weeks sooooo...

Here are some pictures from COSI. We went a couple of weeks ago. Last day to see the LEGO exhibit. Just a suggestion, DO NOT go on the last day to see the LEGO exhibit. Was so very crowded. Also, Eian's friend and neighbor stopped by as we were getting ready to go, so he went too. Four kids and me. Good thing Eian's friend is such a good boy! 'Cause Ruth was wound up. Sigh. Makes for a longer than usual day. Thank goodness this was the second time we had went. Here are photos from the first time.

Abbe in her cool new fedora

Eian and his buddy

Ruth's favorite part - dressing up in knight/horse costume and jousting

LEGO bricks made to look like stained glass.

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