Monday, May 5, 2014

Ruth's Excellent Short Story

Treasure in the Desert

By: Ruth McKnight

The sand was red hot in the Shimmer-Scale Desert. It was mid-day, and the sun’s relentless heat was beating down upon the three young dragons sitting at a rare oasis. One of the dragons, who had scales that looked like they were made of brass, spread her wings out. Each long spine that supported the wing membrane stretched out so she was covered by the shadow. “Gosh Obsidian, I thought we’d be at the ruins by now.” She groaned. The black dragon, whose wings were more like those of the dragons that stormed castles and battled knights, looked up. “I keep telling you two the directions!” he said, glaring at his friends. “Amber, if I can’t tell where we are, this map is useless!” Obsidian roared, his black scales quivering with force.

            Amber sighed, “What do you think Typhoon?” she asked the blue dragon beside her. Typhoon looked up, the mountain-like horn on the front of his face dusted with sand. He shrugged, “I thought that that rock was closer to us that it was.” He said. The Sapphire and gold necklace around his neck glistened in the sun. Obsidian rolled his eyes. “I keep telling you that we need to go west!” he snarled, his black dragon attitude was kicking in. “Alright, calm down.” Amber said softly “west is that way,” she pointed a claw towards a sand dune in the distance. Typhoon perked up, “Amber, I’m sure that west this that way.” He said pointing in the opposite direction. Amber narrowed her eyes; Brass dragons were very much at home in the desert, so why was Typhoon telling her that she was wrong?

             If only they had a compass, but a sly human thief had stolen the only one they had.  Typhoon’s horns started to crackle with electricity, a sign he was preparing to attack if need be. Amber snarled, and small spikes of flame sizzled between her teeth. Obsidian's throat swelled with acid, prepared for a fight. “Wait!” Amber roared suddenly. “Fighting each other will not get us out of here.” She said calmly. Typhoon and Obsidian looked at her, the electricity slowly faded away, and Obsidian swallowed the acid.  Amber began to dig around in the leather pouch strapped to her side. She pulled out a magnet, a piece of iron form a human sword, and a bowl that was big enough for a dragon to drink from.

“What are we going to do with those things?” Obsidian asked. “We’re going to make a compass.” Amber said “Typhoon, will you fill this up please?” she handed Typhoon the bowl. Amber began to rub the sword blade with the magnet like her life depended on it. Typhoon came back with the bowl, which was full of water from the oasis. Amber pulled a leaf from one of the palm trees that circled the oasis. She set in the bowl, and placed the sword blade on it. The blade and leaf slowly turned until it stopped. “Okay, it’s pointing north, so west is that way!” Typhoon said, pointing towards the sand dune Amber had been pointing at. Amber smirked at him. Typhoon blushed “okay, you were right. Let’s go find that treasure!”

The three friends trekked over to the sand dune, their water bags filled with oasis water, and Amber’s food bag filled with coconuts. Typhoon scooped a snake from the sand, roasting it with it a blast of electricity. “That is so gross.” Amber muttered, making a face as Typhoon swallowed the snake whole. Obsidian was eating a fish from his bag. Seeing her friends eating, Amber opened a small bag hanging from her deck. She pulled out a crystal vial filled with dew drops, and poured the whole thing into her mouth. “Wow.” Obsidian's voice caused Amber to look up from her snack. The ‘sand dune’ was actually a huge temple, buried in sand. Only the entrance was visible. Suddenly, the sand beside her shuddered and Typhoon rose up. He was holding a whole human boat, filled to the brim with gold and jewels! The friends split the treasure evenly, with Obsidian taking the gold, Typhoon taking the jewels ( they were nearly all blue) and Amber taking the boat. “I can’t wait to show this to my parents!” Amber said excitedly. “I know, my dad will flip! Typhoon said. “My brothers will try to steal all of this, they’ll be so jealous!” Obsidian roared happily. With their treasure packs full, the three friends took flight to go back home.


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