Monday, June 6, 2011

New Flower Pots for Back Yard

I found these flower pots at a yard sale. Perfect for the back yard fence! Just needed a little TLC.

Of course I had some help! Eian helped with spray painting some and actually figured it out by the end. Ruth helped with the second coating but she could only stick around for one pot because she has too much to do on summer break!

I put succulents in the pots so that I don't have to worry about watering. Otherwise I know the plants would be dead with in a week.

My darling husband came up with the idea to put a board with nails in it between two ladders. This way I could spray paint all the way around without having to wait for them to dry....turn them over, paint again.....wait for them to dry...check for spots...etc. Isn't he wonderful!

I am not a patient person and he made my day. (point about patience - removed green one too early and laid it on the fabric and back part of paint stuck to said fabric :-{  see what I mean?)

But I really do like the end result. They look pretty good beside the painted bird houses we did last summer.

Now I just need to get the hummingbird feeders up! They have been coming to the kitchen window and looking in at me like "Hello??? Where is the food????"

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