Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last Day of School Rainbow Cake

We finally finished our Rainbow Cake on Sunday even though the last day of school was on Wednesday.

I got the idea from whatever last year (she and her blog are awesome). I found a recipe online - each layer is a different flavor.

It takes a long time to make and makes a BIG mess! Yes, part of that mess is from breakfast too. I ABSOLUTELY HATE TO WASH DISHES! I will run the dishwasher twice (which I did) before I will wash the dishes. The environmentalist in me is convinced I am saving water this way. ;-)

But it is sooooo totally worth it! Also, this year we did the white chocolate frosting (last year I cheated with store bought), I definitely will not cheat again!

The only thing that I would do differently this year is make sure to level off each layer! The cake almost doesn't fit in the frig! Also, it is leaning a bit. But all that matters around here is that it tastes great!

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