Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our Saturday

Well....the big Saturday for the girls was interrupted by rain. Imagine that. I told you it has been raining every other day here. The weather guys had said it wouldn't rain until evening or I wouldn't have even mentioned it to the kids.

So, we went to the farmer's market anyway. We bought some cantaloupe, watermelon, kohlrabi, zucchini, and summer squash from a CSA which is right up the road. The sad thing is, I didn't know it was right up the road! So far watermelon and cantaloupe have been delish!

Then we went to the coffee shop and Abbe got a cookie as big as her face. Ruth and I went with muffins.

I had to drive by a couple of the yard sales to prove to Abbe that they wouldn't be happening. While I am doing this, Jason texts me that he is watching the Tour de France while having an iced coffee. Ugh!

We stopped at Rhoads. Bought some blueberries (which were rather tart) and peaches (yum). Then home to join Jason on the couch.

Finally, the sun came out and we went back in to town. (I forgot I needed PAINT.) Abbe finally got to stop at her yard sales.

She buys this:

Then she gets in the car. The conversation goes like this: Abbe - Mom, what kind of phone is this?, Me - it's a cell phone, Abbe - no, seriously Mom what kind of phone is this?, Me - cell phones weren't always so small and as a matter of fact there weren't even cell phones when I was your age. (My brother & I had a conversation yesterday about the car phones in the 60's movies - think Sean Connery as James Bond and Elvis. They were pretty cool.)

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