Friday, July 1, 2011

My Flower Beds

My flower beds are really loving all the rain that we have had this spring and early summer. They are blooming and growing like I haven't seen in a long time. Like when I used to water them all the when I had time.

Here is my lamb's ear. The kids love to feel the leaves - they are so very soft. Like a lamb's ear. :-) The only thing about it is that it keeps moving every year. A little farther, a little farther, a little farther into the yard!

My echinachea is right outside my kitchen window. The butterflies and bees love it. A butterfly came by while I was taking pictures but it didn't like me moving around, so no picture. Maybe later. But the bug stayed obviously.

This bush/flower is tall - like about as tall as me. I wish I could remember what it is. Does anyone know?  Would love to get more to plant with the one I have.

Moved all of my pots to the front porch since Jason is working on the deck. So, some of these will be moved back once the deck is finished - like the citronella geranium.

My grandma always had RED, not scarlet or burgundy but RED, geraniums on her front porch every summer. She passed away when I was in college. She was one of my best friends and I still miss her very much. I am tearing up just thinking about it... Anyway, I plant RED geraniums every year in honor of her.

These are sunflowers that have grown from the 'sterile' bird seed that I buy. We have always had a few sprout but NEVER this many! They are going to be really cool. I hope they grow flowers; I don't know if they are like hybrids??? We'll see. Has anyone had these come up in their yards?

Well, that is the front/side yard. The back yard will have to be another day.

I am ready for bed. Ruth and Eian had friends over today, and Abbe went to one of her friend's homes. I am much more of a 'helicoptering' mama when I have other people's kids under my watch. I hope they all had fun; I know my kids were really tired.

Also, I promised Abbe that we would get up and go to yard sales, the farmer's market and I need to go get some more paint for the shed and area by the deck.

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