Monday, September 12, 2011

More excuses...

More excuses about why I have not been posting.

1. Ruth's homeschooling is requiring more one on one time than I planned. Hopefully, I will be able to wean her away from me sitting right beside her soon.

2. The dark cloud that is my depression has been visiting a lot lately. This takes some real internal muscle to get myself moving. Those of you have have dealt with depression will understand. You know you should get up and do something because it will help, but you just can't. Not won't, can't.

3. A few nights ago I had this TERRIBLE pain in my side that woke me up and it wouldn't go away. One doctor visit and one CAT scan later - no reason can be found. Soooooo, now my doctor wants to do a MRI. Sigh..... I am a terrible patient. I do not normally have things wrong with me and now twice in just over a year. Last August I had a cyst and left ovary removed which is now the side that is hurting. The pain has been coming and going the past few days. UGH!!!

SOOOOOO.... due to all of this, I have not felt like posting nor had the time. Made the mental decision today that I have had enough. Am going to just start taking some pain meds and get on with my life!

Am really ready to do the big overhaul. More on that later.

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