Thursday, October 13, 2011

COSI courtesy of Ruth's School

Ruth's online school had a COSI night. My kids love any excuse to go to COSI.

The school had a craft for them and gave them COSI dollars - which my kids spent in the gift shop since I never let them get anything. It costs too much to get something in there, we always end up getting something to eat afterward, and just going should be enough. Of course, I am a mean mommy - just ask my kids. Sigh, I am starting to sound like my mother! I always swore that I wouldn't but now I see she was right about most things.

Progress is Abbe's favorite section. She could spend forever in there. Hula hooping.


The phones in Progress are really fun. They have people recorded on there talking about stuff from that time period. And not always educational stuff - sometimes it is things like "my cows got out - have you seen them?" And you can call the other phones too.

Ruth made a couple of cool things in Gadgets.

A bridge:

All of the pieces turned:

They wanted to go to Ocean but you can get soaked in there and I didn't bring any extra clothes. Like I said, mean mommy! (Also, it was cold outside and we have to drive an hour home.)

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