Monday, October 3, 2011

Frontier Spirit

After church last weekend, the kids and I decided to go over to Frontier Spirit in Lancaster. (Jason was at the firehouse.) My inlaws came up from Tennessee to participate and the kids wanted to go see them.

To a lot of you, this may seem like a wacky thing to do but it really is a lot of fun. Having kids has really put a damper on Jason and I going because it is A LOT of work to get five people ready for this. You have to pack everything but the kitchen sink ... no, come to think of it, you DO pack the kitchen sink! One good thing about this is NO ELECTRONICS!!! My kids make friends, run around barefoot, help adults, learn about history and nature, and make a lot of good memories.

This is how Jason and I met. His family does "rendezvous" and so does mine. We were both members of Christian Family Pioneers. I knew his mother before I met him - she made my first "grown up" outfit. (I still have this outfit but it DOES NOT fit. Am saving it for Ruth.) Yet, funny thing is, Jason and I didn't meet until we were both in college.

Jason and I were married at Adena Historical Mansion. Some day I will put some photos on here. I really need to get them on the computer anyway. Does anyone know the best way to do that?? Should I just scan them in?? Is there a certain program that is better to do it in???

Anyway, Frontier Spirit is a weekend event that is open to the public. The 'village' is educational about that time period (1790's) and they have a hike you can do also. This trail walk lets you pretend to be settlers to this region. You receive a trail guide at the beginning of the trail and along the way you meet different people portraying real people from that region and time period. It is really cool.

I was in a scene on the trail walk one year. One year was enough. It is a lot of work and waiting. But we don't really go to but one "rendezvous" anymore. Like I said, packing up your house and moving it for a week is A LOT of work. When we were kids, we would go all the time. I really don't know how my parents and the parents of my friends did it!

This is a picture of Abbe's friend from "rendezvous", Abbe and Eian.

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