Monday, September 26, 2011


One day a week Ruth goes to a local Christian school for art and tutoring. This gives me a break (kind of) and gives her interaction with kids her age and a chance to learn from someone other than me.

This week I decided to take my laptop, head to my favorite coffee shop, and chill. Well my friend, Linda, called and once she found out where I was, asked if she could join me. She got to talking about this new antique/used furniture store up the street. (I would say more antique because most of the stuff definitely had antique prices!) So off we went. Have you ever been to one of those shops that just seems to have some really 'different' stuff? This was one of those places!

All photos were taken with my camera phone - sorry! They are REALLY blurry.

This was interesting - Linda texted (spell check saying texted is not a word) it to our friend Jennifer (she hunts and shot an ?award? winning antelope this year much to her husbands chagrin!).

This was what I considered the ugliest thing in the shop! It even had a brass base! And a plastic ladle! Linda said she didn't think it was so bad and could really be the conversation piece of the party! This photo really does not do the ugliness justice!

This wasn't so much ugly as interesting. (See the sphinx like cat behind it!)

Linda and I both were drooling over this. Wouldn't this be really cool to have in the front entryway? A moveable closet. And it had this really neat button lock. It had a bar inside with its own sliding hook and a MIRROR on the door! To give yourself the once-over before you leave the house, of course.

Also, saw something Abbe would have loved. A pink tea set! This is a terrible picture because it had the neatest design on it - you can see it a little better on the teapot itself.

And something Ruth would have loved. Good thing Ruth wasn't with me - she would have been begging me for this. Funny thing is every time we watch Mary Poppins, she says she wants a carousel horse all her own. And, yes, it came with the barrel attached.

Mary Poppins horses (Ruth wants the blue one.) Ruth just said, "It really would be awesome to have a carousel horse that ran on its own. Then, you wouldn't have to feed them!"

Such a fun and beautiful morning with a fun and beautiful friend! And now it is raining. AGAIN.

Have you ever been to 'one of those shops'? Didn't see anything that I couldn't live without that day, but have you ever brought something home from a place like this and had instant buyer's remorse?

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