Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Costumes

Well, for the first time EVER, I bought! one of my kids a Halloween costume. Ruth wanted a store bought costume :-(  Sigh. My little girl is growing up. Ruth has read these books but not watched any of the movies or shows or whatever. Can you tell how hip I am??? I am really picky about what shows and movies they watch.

(above photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

I know, I know, she looks like a wolf version of Barbie.

I am currently watching the 6th (or 3rd?) Star Wars movie, Return of the Jedi, as my research and homework according to Abbe. Abbe and Eian want to be Luke and Leia in the Ewok scenes. These are probably going to be the easiest costumes ever - I say now. I think I am just going to need to make the ponchos. I am going to use some muslin/old sheets I have, and have Abbe and Eian spray dye them. We'll see.

Well, now I need to go get some spray painting finished while it is not raining and the wind is not blowing 30 mph! ;-)

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