Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Costumes - Dyeing

The past couple of nights have been really busy around here. Two nights ago Abbe, Eian and I dyed their muslin for their costumes. We used this dye:

Before we dyed them, I wet the fabric and wrung it out. From previous projects I know that this helps the dye spread and blend more. (I always wash fabric as soon as I bring it home that way it is ready for any project. This is a hint my mother-in-law gave me.)

Abbe and Eian both helped spray the dye, and the neighbor boy watched. The bottles say to shake well and they were right. We ended up with some solid stuff in the bottom of the bottles. I tried adding a little more water and shaking again which seemed to help some.

I hung them up to dry, and with the wind that night, they were dry within a few hours. I put them in the dryer the next day for about 30 minutes and now they are ready for me to sew together. Got to get that finished! Tomorrow they have their parties at school. Also, need to figure out some way to turn Abbe's 'blaster' black - the one we bought is white and orange. We have until Monday to figure that out because they are not allowed to take any fake (or real for that matter) weapons or masks to school.

Abbe's are the two with the most green and Eian's have more charcoal and brown. This is the way they were in the movie. I added more green to Eian's because that is his favorite color and we ran out of brown.

Somehow I always seem to wear just as much paint and dye as I put on my projects. Jason is always amazed at how I can accomplish this feat! (Eian took this picture.)

And Eian took this one of me, "Smile Momma!"

And then of course I had to take one of him! Goofball that he is.

Last night we made Jack-o-lanterns but that is another post!

Also, a chickadee just landed on my holder by the window and was looking at me. He was probably thinking, "When is this lady going to put away the empty hummingbird feeder and put my safflower feeder back out? Doesn't she know it is getting colder out?"

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