Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Eian lost his first tooth.

This morning Eian lost is first tooth teeth. He had a cleaning appt. this morning at 8 am.

Why I made an appt for that early on a not school morning is beyond me. I must not have been thinking correctly. Hmmm... how is that any different from normal? Anyway.

I still feel like crap and Abbe asked why we didn't just reschedule. Well, Eian, following in his sisters' footsteps, had a new tooth coming in behind his baby teeth. The baby teeth were pretty loose so I really just wanted to get it done.

Ms. Sara cleans his teeth and puts some numbing stuff on the loose tooth. The dentist comes in,  checks his teeth, and then WHAM! out come not one but two teeth! Eian was kind of in shock. :-)

So now my baby big boy has also lost his first teeth. Good thing I got his tooth pillow finished!

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