Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lunch with friends

Lunch with friends. Don't those words just SOUND great.

That is what I got to do today. By myself. Without kids.

I really needed it. Thank you Linda and Jennifer.

This week has been a long week of homeschooling. Ruth and I have been rubbing each other the wrong way. It was nice to go and hear from other mothers that they are having problems too. (Not that I wish them to have problems....well, you understand.) I love my girl but as those who have kids with ADHD know, her brain NEVER stops and her wiggling NEVER stops. IT CAN WEAR A MOMMA OUT.

So, where was Ruth? At her Thursday tutoring/art/lunch at a local Christian school. This is time that I really need for myself. Especially with Jason gone every day for Lt. school and home every night.

Got to sit at my favorite local coffee shop for a while also. Found a cool knitting blog to follow. I haven't been knitting and this really makes me want to pick up the needles again. I have plenty I could finish: these are just two! Huh. These are from a month ago. How sad is that?

(These pictures of Ruth are from just this past summer. She is already looking so much older now. Great big ruffled mama sigh.)

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