Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I find legos all over the house. From little bitty ones to big creations.

Some of them have been chewed up by Smokey. For some reason he really loves chewing up plastic toys. Barbies, legos, horses... If it is plastic, he has chewed it. The kids have finally gotten better about keeping those type of things cleaned up. (But not clothes, dolls, paper, crayons, markers, games, puzzles......)

The culprit:

I know I have swept some up in the Dyson (I LOVE my Dyson) because I hear and see them. But once in there, I am not digging them out.

Eian's birthday is next week, and he asked to go to the Lego store. He is probably my biggest builder. He made this really cool video too but I can't find Ruth's video recorder AGAIN. Sigh. I was going to post it on here. Eian even helped me look for it in his room so we could post it. If I ever find it, I will.

Abbe gets upset about the lack of female based Lego sets. So, she had me email them and voice her concerns. They actually emailed back! And not a form email either. I was impressed. But all they said was that boys are usually more into building (Abbe took umbrage with that) and they were considering more girl type items.

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