Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Saturday

Trying to sleep in at my house is an impossible feat. Eight o'clock is late around here. Unless my honey tells everyone to leave Momma be and let her sleep, but this morning he left to go do stuff with his firefighter buddies.

I usually try to bake something for breakfast on Saturday. This morning I wanted to do something with the brown bananas I had. So Google sent me to this banana muffin recipe:

Banana Crumb Muffins Recipe

They were "scrumptious" to quote Ruth. Even my biggest critic, Abbe, liked them. Eian will eat just about anything being a boy.

This afternoon, Abbe and Eian spent a couple of hours at their friends new house which is in a new school district (actually the one I graduated from). They are best friends with a brother and sister who are the same age as them.

While they were playing and fighting with their friends (the boys BUG the girls), Ruth and I drove down to my mom and dad's. Ruth was bored right away! I couldn't believe it. I finished watching the Ohio State football game with Mom and Dad. Whew, that was a WAY too close game.

After the game, Ruth came in to watch the horse race. She is a BIG horse lover. She also loves Bobby Flay, and Dad was telling her that Bobby owns a couple of race horses. Ruth almost passed out!!

After we picked up Abbe and Eian, we had to listen to Abbe gripe about the boys bugging her and her friend the whole time. Sigh. Eian had even promised me that he wouldn't bug them this time. The next time we are going to switch kids so they can't do that, and I don't have to listen to Abbe!

When I came home I mixed up my favorite chocolate chip cookies. "The Chewy" by Alton Brown. I will bake them as we eat them. This way we have fresh cookies. Nothing beats a chocolate chip cookie fresh from the oven.

The Chewy Gluten Free

This evening we had a bonfire and roasted hotdogs and sausages and marshmellows. Jason and I were reminiscing about going to rendezvous and relaxing beside the campfires. Then, we would go snuggle in our tent. Doing that with three children just isn't the same.

Now we are chilling before sending the kids to bed. Jason is watching Notre Dame. Ruth is watching me. Eian is wanting Momma snuggle time and Abbe is having Dadda snuggle time.

Hope your Saturday was as good as mine!

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