Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Sewing Room

Many of you may be wondering, "Just how much of a mess can a sewing room be?" (Please don't judge me. I am coming clean by showing you the 'before' pictures AND I AM cleaning it! It was looking a little 'Hoarders'-like but without the bugs!) be honest a TRUE DISASTER! I will get it half way cleaned up, start a few projects, maybe even finish a couple, when WHAM! My life as 'Mom' comes crashing in. (Also, sometimes my depression - which has been happening more lately. Whole 'nother story there. And no I don't just get depressed about some things, I have honest to goodness depression. These IS a difference.)

Then, I find things on sale or at a yard sale or in a thrift store or it gets given to know. And I just toss it back there. So, when I do have the inclination or time to actually create, my room is a mess again. Sigh. Time to start the process over again.

This time I decided to do things differently.

For one thing I have WAY too much fabric (gasp! goes all the fabric hounds out there. Cathy.), WAY too many felted sweaters collected from yard sales and etc, WAY too many craft supplies, WAY too much sewing paraphernalia from two different time periods, WAY too many..... Do you get the point?

For another thing and perhaps the most important reason, most, if not all of this, is not put together in a way that I can reasonably find it and use it. I DID color code and fabric type sort my fabric a while back.

Also, I want to move my ironing board over by the window. Change the oval table for the rectangular one (so my cutting mat doesn't hang off in mid-air), and move it out of the center of the room.

And I know, I know, I should just feel lucky to HAVE a sewing room and shouldn't leave it in such a mess! Well, I am blessed to have a wonderful husband who was raised by a wonderful, creative, talented, sewing woman. So, me asking for a room of my own wasn't too much of a push.

I have a good bit cleared out but, as Abbe has said, I have just moved it into the next room. The idea being that as I put it back, I can sort.  Sigh. I would really like another set of shelves to put in there and a couple of floor lamps for more light. Am going to have to start checking the thrift stores, but wait, you have to have TIME to go to the thrift stores! ;-)

My friend, Linda, just took everything out of her craft room and PAINTED! Painting would be lovely right now. I could paint over the dirty cream color that the previous owner left. But I really do want to get some things sewn for Christmas. Anyway, Linda has inspired me to take all of this mess in hand and try to get a handle on it. Ha!

So, how does your sewing/craft room look? Are you lucky enough to have one?


As you may have noticed, I didn't bother putting my watermark on these pictures because who would want to claim that?

Also, the rest of my house looks NOTHING like this. I keep a pretty clean home. I have three kids, two dogs, a cat and a guinea pig, and if you don't stay on top of things they spiral out of control quickly.

So, why can't I do the same for this room? Beats me.

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Cathy said...

Ok... You nailed me... I do have a stash... Love sewing, quilting... Bought 1000 yards of fabric 1 summer... I've done alot of sewing, my goal was to sell living history clothing... Health issues have made it a challenge.. No longer have a sewing room.. Just a sewing corner. Interesting enough today, was my find a piece of Fabric I know I have... Yea.. I found it.... With 5 grand children and 5 adults who need clothing.. Keeps me busy.. Many other projects for those who don't sew... Hard for me to say.... NO... Change my way of thinking... Use to Those who die with the most WINS... So trying to just buy what I need.... Get organized... You will be much happier... A SEWING ROOM is our haven.... Keep up the good work... Join me in a Goal... Can't buy things because I might use it someday... I'm not leaving my STASH.... to my Boys and grandchildren