Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sick of being sick.

So I got to thinking of how sick I am of being sick. Also, I got to thinking of how sick you must be of hearing how sick I am.

And then I got to wondering....what would it sound like to say that in many other languages?

Soooo...courtesy of Google Translate (so don't bug me if they are wrong!):

English: I am sick of being sick.

Dutch: Jeg er syg af at være syg.

German: Ich bin krank, krank.

Irish: Tá mé tinn a bheith breoite.

Japanese: 私は病気であることにうんざりだ。

Russian: Я надоело быть больным.

Swahili: Mimi ni mgonjwa wa kuwa mgonjwa.

Welsh:  Yr wyf yn sâl o fod yn sâl.

Anyway, I finally got to the doctor today. Prognosis: sinus infection. Given: antibiotic and cough medicine. Hopefully, it will start kicking in soon. Huh, really felt like pneumonia to me ... can your body start to get over that by itself?

I also talked to her about my depression coming back from time to time recently. Besides upping my medicine some, she also said I need to start taking some time for me. And I need to start exercising and not just any sort of exercising but doing something pretty energetic like Zumba or kickboxing. I have read numerous places that exercising is the same as taking an antidepressent. It is just taking the time.

Also, she said I need to not feel guilty about taking said time for myself.

Sigh. As 'Mom' I feel pretty guilty leaving my kids for any amount of time that I can be with them. As 'Wife' I feel guilty leaving my husband with the kids by himself. Not that he can't do it and do it well, but that we usually do things as a team. Or I am the one by myself while he is at the firehouse. As 'Homeschool teacher' I feel guilty leaving Jason to do the nagging teaching that I said I would do when we said we would be homeschooling Ruth.

But it is doctor's orders. What is an unruffled mama to do?

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