Friday, December 2, 2011



Is my baby brother's 30th birthday! I can remember the day he was born. We got to stay home from school (I was in the 5th grade) at Grandma's house. I was sooooo excited. I wanted a baby brother since I already had a little (annoying to me at the time) sister. My Eian reminds me of my baby brother A LOT! Happy Birthday Baby Brother!

I got to go to Winterfair with Linda! Sans children!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fun, fun, fun. I finished some of my Christmas shopping. Most of what I have left is stuff for children and stuff to finish making. Winterfair is AWESOME!!! I had never gone before. Seeing all of the creativity there was very inspiring to get my stuff going. Was showing Abbe some of the stuff online and now she really wants to go: Steven Meadows, Andrea Anderson, Sandra Lang & Walter Weil, and Kim & Katherine McClelland were some of my favorites. Linda and I only covered about half of the place! Abbe and I want to go back on Sunday. The North Market is having their craft fair this weekend too. Went to it last year - was very good!

Am feeling somewhat better but still very tired. Still am not getting a good night's sleep due to coughing. Huh. Irritating.

Want to make this:


But have to find a book that I would want to tear up first. Very hard thing for me to find! Think this would be a great thing for kids to do with me.

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