Monday, December 19, 2011


Sunrise this morning was beautiful. Could see it in my rearview mirrors. The colors of the sunrise were reflecting off the trees. It was so wonderful.

I was listening to Christmas music on the Christian music station. This morning was the first time I have really FELT Christmas this year! Usually church has really built up the Christmas joy in me by this time. But having missed the entire Advent season due to this blasted illness.....Well, it has really nipped my Christmas spirit.

Really felt God with me this morning as I praised Him with song and gloried in the beauty He brings to earth. So, the early moning drive was definitely a good thing.

The glorious drive took me here:
Martha Morehouse Medical Pavilion/OSU Cancer Hospital

Yea. Lots of fun to be had there. Huh.

Took Abbe and Eian to the neighbor's house early this morning to wait for the bus. (Thank you Cindy!)

Ruth spent the night at Mom and Dad's house - that was why I drove there last night. They got the kids off the bus this afternoon too. (Thank you Mom and Dad!)

So much planning just so I can have a CT scan and see a doctor.

Jason met me at OSU. He was getting off from the firehouse. Jason goes so that he can ask all the questions that I don't ask. He gets really frustrated when I come home and haven't asked the 'right' questions, so now he goes too.

God must have known knew that I would need that lift this morning. Am still out of sorts because the doctor couldn't open the CT scan to read it. Sigh. That was why I went so early - to be able to have the scan and get the results on the same day.


Jason and I went here for lunch:

Had lasagna, salad, awesome bread with a olive oil dipping sauce, and THREE glasses of lemonade.

We finished our Christmas shopping by going here:

and here:
Home Depot

Sorry no picures today. Took my camera but was really not feeling it today. Have some from this evening but they are on my phone. If they turned out OK, I will post tomorrow. Some cute ones of the kids - they were goofing around.

It was a really long, and up and down day.

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