Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wreath for the front door

I usually get a big live wreath from the tree farm where we get our tree. But due to illness, common theme this year, I didn't go help cut the tree. Sooooo...decided to make one of the ornament ones that are all over blogland.

I was at the dollar store last night with Abbe and she helped me pick the bulbs out.

Here are the supplies:

Sarafina and Riley decided they wanted to help:

The kids helped too but they kind of came and went. They, all three, have really been wound up lately. Eian actually helped the most. He liked twirling them past the top part the best. He picked what one went on when.

Here it is with all the bulbs before the bow.

I am NOT a bow master like some people. I know I don't do it anywhere near the way you are supposed to. But all I care about it getting it how I want and that it will stay.

See my helpers in the door?

I think I turned out pretty well. What do you think?

I usually leave my wreath up til spring. So, I try to make it fit for winter, not just Christmas.


No word from yesterday's doctor. I had a chest x-ray and blood culture taken today about my continuous cough, etc. No word from that doctor either. Frustrating key word today for doctors! (And yes, Mom, I called them.)


Weather here today was around 50 F here today. Ruth is very worried that we won't have snow for Christmas!

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Cathy said...

Original...Door is looking good... Think of all the money you saved and you can use this one again... Just rearrange...