Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Weekend

Saturday we went to Abbe's basketball game in the morning. She played some really good defense. I love watching her play, she has such concentration the whole time. My mom and dad came to watch too. Made Abbe really happy to have them there. (She hasn't been able to play for the last two weeks due to pneumonia.)

Then we went to the Ross County Historical Museums. They were open for free in honor of Ohio's Statehood Day. Dad joined us. We all had a pretty good time looking and learning. They have some pretty cool exhibits. After a while Ruth and Eian had had enough of being good and quiet and not touching anything, and were ready to run around some. As we are heading toward the door, a good two and a half hours after we had arrived, Ruth says, "Where is Grandma? We can't leave her here." Sometimes Ruth is such a blonde! (I can say that, being blonde myself.)

Sorry no pictures. I have gotten used to not carrying one. Need to get back in the habit.

This morning I woke up with the WORST headache. I think I need to follow my pharmacist's suggestion of taking an allergy medicine. So, we did not make it to church. Tried to sleep in to get rid of it. Did not work.

But we had already promised the kids that they could go to a friend's birthday skating party. She is in Eian's class but she also lives around the corner from us. So, all three kids know her - she is a really sweet girl. So, three ibuprofen later, which did not work, we were off to the roller rink.

Eian invented a new version of roller skating which was hilarious! Am I a bad mother because I was laughing so hard at him that I couldn't help him??? To quote Jason, "...many Bambi on the ice moments." He FINALLY got a LITTLE bit better right before we left.

Came home and took a little nap to try to get rid on my headache. Did not work.

Missed the only cycling that has been on tv in MONTHS. So really need to go, they are re-playing it now.

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