Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Making tin containers look cute!

I went on a kick last winter and was drinking about 2 or 3 cups of this stuff everyday.

Then, the recycler/reuser in me was like "What can I do with these besides recycle them?"

So, I started using them for all the little extras I have been saving for.... well, I just might use them sometime. ;-)

Well, I kept saying I was going to paint them, or something, to make them look better. Then, I got the idea to use the cool scrapbooking papers that I got for the kids, and some miracle liquid - AKA, Modgepodge.

Then, I just used some regular address labels to write what is in the can. Voila! They are the perfect size for many different little things that you just HAVE to keep because you never know!

(Just went to import the pictures for this and I had 428!!!! on my camera. Now I need to sort all of these out too. Bleh.)


Of course, I cannot do a craft by myself. The kids decided to get the playdough out.
(Jason took all of the following photographs.)

Abbe with mustache.

Abbe with mustache and goatee.

Eian with nose-stache (?) and goatee. For some reason he kept putting his mustache on his nose.

Eian's ... ????? Well, Eian being Eian. ;-) 

Notice Abbe in the background.

My goofy, goofy kids.

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