Tuesday, April 17, 2012


The weekend before Easter, our church had their Easter egg hunt at a local plant nursery - Rhoads. This is the first year they had it there and it was a really pretty place to have it.

 I imagine they will be finding eggs all summer! I know I just found one in my flower bed last night.

My little brother was down for the weekend, so he and Dad brought Wesley! My kids were so excited that Wesley was there. Eian is really starting to get into having a little cousin. Finally.

Wesley seemed pretty pleased with his stash  - even though his dad tied the bag closed so he couldn't get to the candy. Bad Daddy!

Abbe and my 'little' brother trying to stomp each others feet.


At our house, the Easter bunny came to our house on Saturday since Jason had to work on Sunday. The dogs were pretty excited to hunt for eggs too.

 This made for a much more relaxing Easter egg hunt and dinner and playing with the new things and eating too much candy and happier Mom and....

Everyone contributed to part of our Easter dinner. Jason and Abbe smoked ham and a pork roast, and did the vegies. Ruth made rolls with only a little bit of help from me. She did really well; I was impressed. Eian and I made homemade brownies for the first time. We have decided NO MORE BROWNIE MIX! They were awesome!

I am really thinking of asking the Easter bunny to do this every year. It really made getting up for Easter Sunday MUCH MUCH easier. We made it to the 8:15 am service!

Our church does not have child care for that service so everyone had to sit with me. They did pretty good - I only had to threaten to throw away their candy once.

I am sooo glad we went to that service though. We sang all of my favorite Easter hymns. They remind me of my Grandma - which makes me happy. She would play the piano and sing these hymns all the time. I miss her so much.

My friend, Linda, said, "So, you did secular Saturday and sacred Sunday too!" I guess we did!

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