Thursday, April 19, 2012

At the North Market

Last week Jason and I took Ruth to the North Market in Columbus for lunch. This is probably my absolute favorite place to eat.

The kids always get a smoothie and a slice of pizza to eat.

Jason and I are always trying something different. Although that day we both got Italian. YUM!

My favorite drink from there is the milk tea with bubbles. My favorites are almond, taro and red bean.

I usually get one for my lunch and a different one to take home. I know, I know - piggie! But this is the only place in Columbus that has them. So, I get them while I can.

 We get our food and go upstairs to eat. They have added some cool signs upstairs. Also, the skylights let in a lot of natural light. So, not only is the food great but it is just a cool place.

Ruth usually gets ice cream from jeni's for dessert. She always asks to try a taste something different, and then gets a scoop of lavender with a scoop of lemon. :-)

I make myself choose between the ice cream, the tiramisu, the Belgian waffles, the chocolate place, cookies, pretzels.... UGH! So hard to choose. That day I went with the tiramisu - it is the best I have ever had. I can't help but make 'mmmmmmm' noises while eating it. (No pictures - I ate it! It's making my mouth water just writing about it.)

The chocolates are AWESOME! Sometimes I get some of them to take home. Everyone in my family loves them. I think he is the same guy who makes them for the Academy Awards.

One time we went and Jason wanted to try the Polish. So, I took the kids to get mine (Vietnamese that time) and their pizza. When we met upstairs, Jason had two big containers of food. I looked at him and said what happened? Jason said, "I couldn't really understand a word he was saying so I just said yes to whatever he said and I ended up with this. He was really Polish!" Ha!

Have you ever been to the North Market? What is your favorite place/food there?

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