Monday, April 2, 2012


So, I opened up my blogger dashboard to dash off a quick post, and this was on as an unpublished post.

Somehow, I think SOMEONE (Ruth) was messing with my blog. Since this was the Study Island stuff we were doing last week.

Which of the following changes will improve the graph the most?

Select answer A Make the range on the X axis to go from 0 to 5 hours instead of from 0 to 10 hours.
Select answer B Change the Y axis scale to show a tick for every 400 miles instead of every 300 miles.
Select answer C Change the X axis scale to show a tick for every hour instead of every 4 hours.
Select answer D Change the label on the Y axis to 'Length Traveled' instead of 'Distance'.



Got on here to post that I will post a little about what we were doing last week soon. Ruth had last week off school and we used it to get ahead. And go somewhere special, just Ruth, Jason and me. Hopefully, will be able to get the new post finished by tonight or tomorrow.

Happy April!

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