Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Rainy Saturday

Today was a nice rainy Saturday. We really needed this nice steady rain. It will really help Jason's new "square foot garden". It needed a good soaking for all of the vermiculite.

I just really don't like the wet dog smell that comes with the rain!

(These pictures of the swamp are from last year.)

I am glad we decided not to go to Slate Run's "Secret Swamp" program. We would have been caught in the rain, back over the hill from the path, and a LLLOOONNGG way from the parking lot.

Hopefully, the salamanders will still be mating in April when they have the program again. It is probably the best nature program I have ever been to.

The kids absolutely love this program. You get muddy, dirty, wet, and up close and personal with nature.


Abbe has been asking to host a 'tea party' for a few days. So, today seemed like a good day.

They are having hot chocolate, graham crackers, salty and sweet soft pretzels, and one corn dog. (Eian is my corn dog eater.) They probably won't be eating very much supper. ;-)

Lots of pretending to be living during the Revolutionary War. Makes for some very interesting conversations.

Nana and Papa found Abbe the tea set, cups and saucers.

Abbe is still looking for "pretty" cups every time we go to a thrift store. It is hard to find stuff not made in China. We found some made in Japan but she wasn't very thrilled with them. I told her to wait until she found some that she REALLY liked.


Just a little comment/explanation about my absence last month.

I have depression. Depression that gets A LOT worse during the winter months. Thank goodness this winter was not that bad. Yes, I take medication for it. No, I do not go see a counselor. I DO however go see Ruth's counselor about kid issues which usually helps for everything else.

This is an inherited thing that many of my family members have. I just thank God many times a day that we now have medicine that can help, and that I don't have it as bad as some people. People who do not have depression have a hard time understanding those of us who do. It has taken Jason a long time to truly "get" it. But now I think he does, as much as he can, and it helps me to have him be able to give me the boost I sometimes need.

This blog is a lot of work. A lot more than I thought it would be. But when I wasn't doing it, I was constantly thinking "That would make a good blog post" or "I should get a picture of that". This made me realize, I like blogging. I like taking pictures, telling a story, describing our crafts, etc...

This blog also helps me realize how much good I have in my life. My wonderful husband, my goofy darling children, my family in general, and a great group of friends.  God has really blessed my life and this blog helps me realize that more than any other way truly has.

Also, my kids just like saying, "My mama has a website and she puts pictures of me on it!"

So, thank you Robin for your words of encouragement, they really do mean a lot more than you can know!


Ruth, "Mama did you know that every time you run the dishwasher, you save five gallons of water?"

Me, "No, Ruth, I did not know that. I don't like to wash the dishes anyway and now I have an excellent reason!"

(I really, really HATE to wash the dishes.)

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