Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Monday with Mom & Dad

Mom and Dad took us to their "secret" greenhouse, finally. Dad has talked about this place for the past couple of years, but never taken us.

Talked about the great prices, the wonderful plants, and the nice people who run it.

An Amish family runs this wonderful place. The kids were all helping out. Made me realize how much more my kids need to be doing around here.

One little girl told us that her job was to sweep the greenhouse floors. She was very sweet and constantly in motion, helping.

They had lots of purple martin houses....and lots and lots of purple martins.

When I asked the owner if I could take some pictures of his beautiful flowers, he pulls out a ladder, and asks if I would like to take pictures of the top. The top of the flowers in the greenhouse, that is.

He had dozens and dozens and dozens of lovely hanging baskets. These next two pictures are from where I just put the camera in the air and starting shooting.

I don't do hanging baskets any more because I would forget to water them. We really don't go in and out the front door very much, so out of sight means out of mind at my house. Of course now, I have Ruth who is tall enough to water them......hmmmmm....

Isn't this a really cool idea?

We drove up the road a  bit and saw this chicken coop which Ruth and Jason liked.

And baby percherons, Ruth was excited. She loves horses - especially baby ones.

And this really pretty farm.

Then, we stopped at an antique/junk dealer guy - he had just about anything you could want - big or small.

I will have to show you our treasures another day! This post already has plenty of pictures.

Jason really did some digging and came up with some good stuff.

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