Saturday, July 28, 2012

Red, White and Blue Cake

I have wanted to make a flag cake for years but we just haven't accomplished this EVER!

Well, we did this year!

This was done all the way back on July 4, of course, and I forgot to share it with you all.

All I had to do was mention the cake to Abbe and Miss Persistent made sure we bought everything we needed at the store.

With my helpers we made a buttermilk cake and cream cheese frosting from The Joy of Cooking.

Then, I let my helpers go to town putting the flag together.

They really worked well together. I was very proud of how well they worked and talked things out.

I think it turned out pretty well. Don't you?


Watched a lot of the Olympics today with the kids. Abbe is the one who is most interested in the different sports. Eian was VERY interested in fencing - imagine that! And Ruth was trying to watch the dressage on the computer but kept freezing up. Aggravating.

Anyway, I watched the men's road race this morning. But NOT starting at 5:00 am!!!! Huh. Team USA was awesome. I was especially happy to see some young Americans doing so well. While watching the Tour de France, it seemed like all the Americans were almost 40 except for Tejay Vangarderen.

Well, Taylor Phinney finished 4th! Yeah! He is only 22. Most cyclists don't peak until their early 30's. Ruth and Abbe only like watching the part where they interview all the "cute young guys".  Well, Taylor and Tejay are two of their favorites. ;-)

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Nana.. said...

Way to go.... ALMOST TO PRETTY TO EAT.... almost... enjoy... Team work... Yea...