Sunday, July 22, 2012

Afternoon at the park

Since Jason was at the firehouse today, I took the kids to the park this afternoon to wear them out some. Annnndddd, of course, there was a birthday party going on there for a little girl who had little friends who wanted to play on the playground.

Soooooo, my kids got the "you are the big kids and can't be running over and running around like maniacs big kids do, please be careful." So, not as much wearing out as I had hoped. But they did make me pretty proud at how they helped and played carefully with the little ones.

And I did get three good pictures of my beautiful kids! I especially love this one on Eian with his missing tooth. Makes him look just as ornery as he is!

Today was the last day of the Tour de France.

Only good thing is that the Olympics start next week - with more cycling!

Yea! :)

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