Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Columbus Crew Game

Last week Ruth and Abbe's school gave us free tickets to The Columbus Crew. We had never been before. Have you?

There were not a lot of people there which was a good thing - from a parent viewpoint, not the Crew's obviously. Mother Bear didn't have to worry about one of her kids getting lost or annoying a bunch of people because they are being kids.

Abbe and Eian were able to go onto the field before the game and kick some soccer balls around with the other smaller kids. Ruth was SUPPOSED to be able to be in the tunnel but she was too impatient to wait around for instructions. (hmmmm, can we say ADHD) So, that didn't happen. Of course, when she saw all the other Jr. High and High School kids in the tunnel, she wished she would have waited.

We ate $5 hotdogs and bratwursts and BBQ pulled pork (which was actually really good - need to get Jason to smoke a pork roast). I told Jason that I understand why they do it - you aren't allowed to bring food in. So, if you are hungry, you eat a $5 hotdog. But don't they realize that if they made it a little cheaper, I would probably buy more. Instead, I packed everyone a snack of homemade chocolate chip cookies and an apple to have on the way there. And I promised everyone a snack on the way home. Oh, and they only had a few of those tables you stand up by and eat which were too tall for Abbe and Eian.

I could tell that they were still wanting more to eat but they were being really good and not bugging me about it. So, I split a pretzel with Ruth ($4 or 5). Abbe and Eian split some cotton candy (prepackaged and looked even more disgusting than cotton candy usually looks). Jason was allowed to have his own extra bratwurst. ;-)

We sat with other online school families which was very nice. Didn't have to worry about alcohol, cussing, kids bugging people, .... because they were all worried about their kids bugging us!

We watched the sun set over downtown Columbus. Which reminded me of watching the sun rise over downtown Columbus when I worked for the OSU Dairy Farm while I was at OSU. Those were some of the best mornings of my college experience.

Ruth noticed that all the players, referees and even the ball had four shadows. Which was really kind of cool once you noticed it.

All three had an awesome time and didn't want to leave but mean mama made them leave at half time because they had school in the morning. We listened to the rest of the game on the radio on the way home.

I lost $.25 to Ruth on a bet (The Crew scored first) and $.01 to Eian (The Crew won). Abbe the miser didn't want to bet anything just in case she would lose.


Sorry about the pictures. These were taken with my cell phone. Which is a very old Palm.
Didn't want to carry the 'big' camera and couldn't find my little point and shoot. Which has since been found in one of Abbe's backpacks. She took it to The Wilds when she went with a friend.


Oh, and The Crew won 1-0.

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