Friday, September 28, 2012

More Cake Decorating

Ruth and Abbe each decorated yet another cake for their 4-H cake decorating project. Whew! A lot of cake going on around here. Good thing I don't like cake. Now, if they were doing a pie baking project, I would be in some serious trouble!

I had them practice some on wax paper before doing their cakes this time. We worked on different types of decoration too. Ball, shells, stars, built up stars, zig-zag, etc...

They worked....

 And tasted....

And worked until their hands hurt!

Notice my coffee cup, I needed that to get through the evening!
Eian came home from flag football practice ready to eat!

Sarafina is patiently waiting for her piece too.

Finished products: Abbe's - pink and Ruth's - blue, of course!


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