Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall fun .... a little work too.

We finally spotted another praying mantis. So glad they are back!

Ruth is allowed to play with playdough during her Live Lessons. It helps her concentrate. Don't just does. (Just like me knitting helps me to be able to stay focused during sermons.) Well, this is what she makes.

We have a new pet. His name is Oscar. He is a woolly worm that Ruth and I 'rescued' from the middle of the road. They eat the leaves of violets and lambs quarter. Learn something new every day around here!

Jason canned some peppers using my Grandma's recipe. He is also going to make me some hot pepper jelly. At least, I hope he is. Then, he saved some of the seeds for next year. These were heirloom peppers which means the seeds should grow next year. If your peppers are a hybrid, they may not grow from seed.

We made the gallon jug ghosts that I saw on Pinterest. We used sharpies and bic pens for the jugs. I cut a small hole in the back, and we put in those little battery operated candle lights. The ones on Pinterest used Christmas lights, but I want to be able to move them around easily from the front porch to the back deck to where ever I feel like it. Jason took the middle picture. Looks pretty good, huh?

Ruth and I found the wooden masks on sale at JoAnns. For around a dollar. The kids used the poster markers (they have wide tips) to color in their masks. Then, they used puffy paint to outline different areas. Last, I let the use GLITTER! Glitter always makes my mom cringe - she used to work with preschoolers. Glitter and preschoolers do not always mix well. :-)

These two projects were pretty much free. I had to buy the candle lights and the masks. Yes, I had all the sharpies, bic pens, poster markers, puffy paint and glitter. Usually what I do, whenever I see something like that on clearance, or on sale, or I have an excellent coupon, I will snatch it up. Then, all I have to do is go to Momma's magic craft cabinet box and pull something out.

I really need to get the kids craft stuff organized. Anyone have any good, next to free, ideas??

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