Thursday, April 25, 2013

More of what we have been up to...

Here are some more pictures. It is funny to look at the pictures. In one set, everyone is wearing coats and then barefoot and the coats and then shorts.... That is how it has been here this spring.

Easter egg hunt at the local plant nursery. And as you can tell by the winter coats, it was freezing cold.

Made our Easter bunny cake. I put Abbe in charge of the decorating and she did an excellent job. Wesley LOVED it! He made my day! "Aunt Anera, (that's how he says my name - just like his dad did) you made a bunny cake!!!" he said with a great big smile.

Eian's buddy moved to Florida. :(
I think Eian is still a little lot lost without him. He was in Eian's class at school AND lived right down the street. We all miss him.

Abbe had another friend over.

Ummm....wait doesn't she he look familiar? Let's just say Abbe talked him into it. He makes a cute little girl though doesn't he? ;)

Eian is now playing soccer. This is the only picture I have right now. It has been FREEZING cold every game. When it warms up, I will get some better pictures.

We went on the spring salamander hunt.

4-H is starting.

We now have chicks. I will have do a separate post on that whole ..... thing.


JEO46 said...

Love the pictures. Yes, I always did think Eian would be a pretty girl. Of course, he is a very cute little boy!

JEO46 said...

Grandpa is not happy about that!

Nana said...

Love the pictures... Cute..