Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Little Bird

This little fledgling landed on my wipers right after I backed into the driveway this evening.

It just sat there and looked around for a long time. Just as calm as could be.

 I was getting all of my stuff together and waiting for Ruth to get done "battling" pokemon on her dsi.
 (If you don't get it out of her hands before going in the house, it is very hard to do, I usually forget she has it...so she ends up playing much longer...)

We had just not had Abbe's softball game, AGAIN, this time due to lightening and NOT the flooding fields.

This little bird also made up for my experience with a fledgling earlier in the day when I let the dogs outside. Riley found one and tried to eat it! Yuck! Before I could get her away, she had killed the poor little thing. UGH! Dumb dog - that just proves she will eat anything.

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