Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ruth's Birthday

Ruth turned 11 this weekend! I can still remember the day she was born. When they placed her in my arms, the sun came through the window and landed on her. I felt such an overwhelming feeling of love and protection - something that I had never felt before.

Anyway, we took her to COSI on Saturday and she got to bring a friend - Lane. Yes, Lane is a boy but as I tell Ruth all the time - sometimes boys make better friends.

Here are Abbe & Eian with the geckos which was really cool. We got to see them feed the geckos live crickets that were covered in vitamin powder.

The "Progress" section was their favorite part!

Here is Ruth trying to  "order" something in the really cool soda fountain.

Here is Abbe "taking" Ruth's order.

Then we had cake and ice cream ice cream cake on Monday night with my parents and sister. (Yes, I cheated. Usually there is a big drawn out cake making and decorating day.)

Ruth received a mini camcorder for her birthday. This is something she has wanted for a long time. So, maybe one day you will be seeing a film of Ruthie's on here.

This is Ruth's self portrait taken on her 11th birthday.

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