Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Glider Find!!!

As many of you know, my honey and his dad built us a deck this summer. I have wanted an old fashioned glider for a long time (we had one when I was a kid, and I loved to sit out on the porch and read when it was raining) but we had no place to put one. NOW WE DO!!!!

Vintage Lawn Chairs & Glider

No, this is not our new one. This is kind of what the one looked like when I was a kid except it was that classic dark green. (This one from )

Soooooo, I began searching Craigslist and some yard sales but not too intensively. Well, our town (very small with no stoplights) has a yard sale every year. Most times I just kind of wander around, and I have found some really neat stuff but there is A LOT of JUNK. It was blue blazing hot this year and Jason was at the Annual (Big City Where He Works) Battalion Firefighter Softball Tournament. So, the kids and I decided to just walk up towards the local firestation and get some fish fry fish (YUM!!!) for lunch. Well, one of my friends was sitting up there selling stuff and guess what she was sitting on!!! You guessed it....a glider! FOR FREEEEEE! (channeling Adam Sandler from Bedtime Stories). She even brought it down to my house when they were finished, because Jason wasn't home yet and you DO NOT want to even see me try to hook up our trailer!

Now this glider has been sitting in our driveway since the beginning of August. I still had a lot to do: decide what color to paint it, decide what kind of cushions to get (Home Depot clearance), seal the deck before even moving it up there, and scrape and paint it. Abbe helped me pick out the cushions and decided on the paint color. I was torn between the green or red paint.

The glider was white and kind of rusted, so I had to scrape, rust primer (which looks like more rust than there actually was in the pics), regular primer and paint. Of course, it kept raining and raining in between each step too.

Finally get all this accomplished and I have been able to sit out there ONE evening. Rain, Rain, and more Rain!!!

Oh well, at least it LOOKS beautiful!

Many of you may be wondering, well what happened at the doctor??? Well, we went to see a surgeon in Columbus and basically he said we would have to wait and see if anything changes. I have to go back in December and do another CT scan. So, the waiting game begins. Sigh. Went through this last year with the cyst on my ovary. I keep telling myself "40 is not old! Pull yourself together!"


We have such funny birds around here. This one and his mate would hang upside down on the sunflowers in order to eat the seeds! They were fun to watch.

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