Saturday, October 29, 2011


Things I would like to accomplish in November:

1. Write a post every day. Well, try my best to write a post every day. This really takes a lot more time than you think it would. I signed up for the Blog Her NaBloPoMo. So, we'll see.

2. Exercise at least three times a week. 'nuf said.

3. Clean my sewing room and start to finish some of my UFOs. Maybe that should be it's own thing!

4. Start to finish some of my UFOs.

5. Put Facebook and Twitter links on my blog. I am NOT computer inclined so this will be an interesting test in me following directions.

6. (This should be #1.) Start walking a closer walk with God. Including every day scripture reading and QUIET prayer time. When to accomplish this has always been my question.

7. Work on getting some articles finished for my Etsy site.

8. Put said articles ON my Etsy site. ;-)

Sigh. These are things I have been trying to work on for a long while. I have just got to get up and get going!!! Some people say to take small steps but I have been working on small steps for a while and that has not been working. So, now I am taking the all or nothing approach. With nothing not being an option.

One of the first things Ruth's teacher said this year is "Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I'm possible." a quote by Audrey Hepburn. I liked it so much that I immediately put it on the white board in the kitchen for Ruth and myself.

Am going to go watch my Buckeyes now. Have had a hard time watching this year. Was very disappointed and disillusioned by Jim Tressel. I can still remember going to the games while I was in college there and watching Eddie George run all over everyone. Then he would stand on the sidelines and just smile his cute smile. Fall on OSU campus was really beautiful. Go Bucks!

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