Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween and Homeschooling

So, my Abbe and Eian get home from school last night and not twenty minutes later it starts raining! For Trick or Treat. Yes, my kids like the candy, but they are more interested in getting dressed up in their costumes and seeing their friends.

Well, the rain stopped but it was still pretty chilly out and now damp too. And muddy. And wet. But I think they still had fun. (Yes, Mom, they all have jackets/sweatshirts/sweatpants/tights on under their costumes. I always make them big enough to do that.)
Ruth as Clawdeen Wolf.

We walked around with our neighbors. It is always nice to get to talk to other parents. I think everyone had a good time. Then, we came back and handed out candy too. Here is my honey eating handing out candy.

The best thing about Abbe and Eian's costumes this year is that they only required FOUR seams. Yes, only four. I have always let them decide what they want to be with no limitations. Then, we work together to figure out the best way to pull it off. They are already discussing next year's costumes.

Luke and Leia helping the Ewoks defeat......well somebody or other in Return of the Jedi (I think). Can you tell I am a big Star Wars fan? ;-)

I made a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. I've made this cake for Halloween the past few years. It is really simple to do. I think I first saw it in Martha Stewart.

On another note, homeschooling lately has been interesting. Ruth has not been motivated AT ALL. Part of her problem is that a lot of school work is easy for her. So then, when she actually has to THINK about or actually DO something she just shuts down and doesn't want to do it at all. I made an appointment with her counselor, who is great with her, for tomorrow. Hopefully that will give her the kick start she needs to get motivated again.

It is very aggravating to see your gifted child being lazy and not trying her hardest. Makes you start to doubt yourself as a mother and a person. Do I do this??? Is she just following my example????


JEO46 said...

No, it is not you!! I think she needs to be challenged more, evidently.
Cute pictures. Looks like a good time!

Nana said...

Good job... Happy to see the pictures... Cute... We all have down days.. A little jump start is all that is needed... Another day... Whole lot of world out there... Lets see what happen in 1725 when our family came to America... What did they eat? Where did they live? What kind of of animals were there? etc.. minds want to know.. I do?