Wednesday, November 2, 2011


When the kids were younger they would paint faces on the pumpkins. Then, once Halloween was over, I would turn the pumpkins around for Thanksgiving. Now that they are bigger they want to have Jack-o-lanterns.

Ruth was really wanting to cut hers out by herself but Jason wouldn't let her. He let her cut the top but that was it. So the kids drew the faces on that they wanted us to cut out. Then, Jason cut out Abbe and Eian's, and I cut out Ruth's.

The kids disappeared while we were busy cutting out faces.

Eian really loved pulling all the seeds and goo out. He kept putting his hands into the bowl and saying how cool it felt. I think he picked the tallest pumpkin he could find.

Ruth on the other hand was not too excited about the goo. Which is a first. Since when does Ruth not like slimy and gooey? My girl is growing up. Sigh.

We saved the seeds for roasting.

Sarafina watching the chaos.

We lit them in the house the first night because it was raining outside. Jack-o-lantern order:  Ruth - Abbe - Eian

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